Sunday, October 24, 2010

Very Quiet...

No New games have been out recently that have caught my eye.
Its been very quiet... I tried the Darkfall trial there today and It was fun...but not the kind of pay per month fun. So I highly doubt I'll subscribe to it. I played Darkfall when it first came out and back then it was populated...Right now from what I can see...Its very low population and I think it has been since they Split it up into NA and EU servers.... I was able to run for about an hour or 2 up the map and I only saw 5 people...Then when I got to the place where I wanted to go... There was very low amount of people around the starting area...I was only able to get 3 ganks. Which is all I needed to help someone I had just met out with a quest some nice loot

but this isn't a darkfall post.
Lego Universe was just released the other day...Looks cool but yet again Pay per month. So I'm put of it.
The sooner wow cataclysm is out the better...

I have this week off so hopefully there will be a decent game to post about.


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