Sunday, October 24, 2010

Very Quiet...

No New games have been out recently that have caught my eye.
Its been very quiet... I tried the Darkfall trial there today and It was fun...but not the kind of pay per month fun. So I highly doubt I'll subscribe to it. I played Darkfall when it first came out and back then it was populated...Right now from what I can see...Its very low population and I think it has been since they Split it up into NA and EU servers.... I was able to run for about an hour or 2 up the map and I only saw 5 people...Then when I got to the place where I wanted to go... There was very low amount of people around the starting area...I was only able to get 3 ganks. Which is all I needed to help someone I had just met out with a quest some nice loot

but this isn't a darkfall post.
Lego Universe was just released the other day...Looks cool but yet again Pay per month. So I'm put of it.
The sooner wow cataclysm is out the better...

I have this week off so hopefully there will be a decent game to post about.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Warhammer Scandal

Hello all,
I have recently came across the whole EA story. Basically for the people who didn't hear about it yet EA was letting off a good couple of people in November. One guy who knew he was being let go wrote a Blog about the secrets of Warhammer Online. He tells all the secrets, Why it was going to fail from the start and lets us know about how stupid EA really are.
Jeff Hickman, the producer, was put in charge of a $50 million project with no previous experience.
It also mentions he was promoted. So I guess you can say he had some experience. Except...He was customer support *cough* I wonder who's bright Idea it was to do that?
He also goes on to mention that 1 million copies of Warhammer Online were sold when it was released and a month later it only had 300k subs lol

The game wasn’t done, but EA gave us a deadline and threatened the leaders of Mythic with pink slips. We slipped so many times, it had to go out.
So far we've learnt from EA that:
1): Customer Support managers make "good producers"
2): Threatening a smaller company to bring out a game by a deadline when its not finished makes the game suddenly ready?

I'm not going to copy all his blog.
The full story is at

This is why more people should ditch EA.
Companies like valve take time to fix bugs in games and they don't rush it.
An example of this would be TF2 or Day of Defeat Source, Both very good games. Very successful and if there is any bugs Valve will bring out a fix for it as soon as they can.

Feel free to post feedback!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guild Wars 2

In this post I'll be taking a look at: Guild Wars 2.

First of all here is a Cinematic Trailer you should check out first

Actual Gameplay Video here:

This game looks pretty cool. I didn't like the first guild wars one bit so hopefully this will be least it can't get any worse lol. They have not set a release date and to quote what they put on the site:

When it's finished. Guild Wars 2 is the largest project ArenaNet® has ever undertaken, and we want to make sure we take the time to do it right.
That's the way all new MMO's should be done because I find that they release it on a certain date no more than a week later I need to download this huge patch to fix a numerous amount of bugs that should have been tested in the first place.
The game is not going to be pay per month. You just download it and play which is a system becoming more popular. Its definitely one to check out.


Also note that at the top of their site, You can sign up for the news letter :)