Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have not posted in a long time - Update #1

Hello to the few people who read this blog :)

As you may have noticed I havn't posted anything about gaming since Cataclysm, Which was ages ago!
I just havnt really seen things to catch my eye, Since I posted my last gaming post, I've been on games like Team Fortress 2, Brink, League of legands and Warhammer Online *making a trial of course lol* ...maybe a couple of others, I have been on TF2 for a few years now...

Once i see a new game worth posting about, I'll post!

Until then!
My friend Pauleh has a gaming community called Ashes, Check it out, He may be doing a game night, Where a few of us may just hop on the likes of TF2 and just have a laugh!

Cya around