Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free MMO: Allods Online


A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a Free MMO called Allods Online.
The game is sort of like Runes of magic where you can play it free till the end but you might need to spend a big of money to get your end of game armor. They aren't really money grabbing from what I've seen so far but I haven't played it to the end.
I started of as a Imperial which is kind of like the Horde in wow or the chaos in warhammer online.

On the Imperial side they have some pretty cool classes.
Here are a few:

This guy uses mental attacks. One move you get at the start "mental link" gives you options to cause the target periodic damage or! You can get moves which blasts the target taking loads of damage.

Race: Xadaganians 
Archetype/Class: Paladin         

I tried this class out for about 4 levels and 
I liked it. From what I can tell you randomly 
get a barrier to protect you from damage, 
Which is a big help for the likes of tanking

But the one (in my opinion) which looks the coolest is the Arisen Healer. 
He kinda looks like a pharaoh.
(Take note that these are all the end of the game gear.)

I tried this class out and I learnt about the talent tree the game has. 
You assign points into moves. So you basically get 4 starting moves and if you want to actually make him a healer. You assign your talent point into a healing skill. Which your able to do at around Lv 4 which is just past the tutorial.

If you want to sign up, Like I said its totally free and worth checking out

American Servers:

They have a client that downloads the game but when a friend and I tried to download it from the EU site it had a corrupt file so I suggest you download it from sites like Gamers Hell 

The EU worked for me but
I haven't tried to download the NA Client but I found this URL on Gamers Hell

Feel free to post feedback. 

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